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We are using dual quad-core Intel Xeon machines with 24GB of memory. You need sufficient memory to buffer active readers and writers. You can do a back-of-the-envelope estimate of memory needs by assuming you want to be able to buffer for 30 seconds and compute your memory need as write_throughput x 30.
我们使用的是双路四核Intel Xeon(英特尔至强机)24GB内存。你需要足够的内存来缓存活跃的读和写。你可以对内存做一个粗略的估计,假设你想要能够缓冲为30秒,计算你的内存需求为 'write_throughput x 30'。

The disk throughput is important. We have 8x7200 rpm SATA drives. In general disk throughput is the performance bottleneck, and more disks is more better. Depending on how you configure flush behavior you may or may not benefit from more expensive disks (if you force flush often then higher RPM SAS drives may be better).
磁盘吞吐量是重要的。我们有 8 x 7200 rpm SATA 驱动器。在一般的磁盘吞吐量是性能瓶颈,磁盘是越多越好。这取决于你如何配置flush的行为,否则你也无法在昂贵的磁盘中受益。(如果你经常flush,高的RPM SAS驱动器可能会更好)。

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