minikube安装不成功,一直卡在 minikube start上,pull base images

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Pulling base image ...
    > 0 B [________________________] ?% ? p/s ?^C


Preparing Kubernetes v1.24.1 on Docker 20.10.17 ...-


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加上 --image-repository 选项,不然 minikube 会到 上拖取镜像:

minikube start --image-repository='' --registry-mirror=''
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minikube start --image-repository
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minikube start --force --image-mirror-country=cn --iso-url= --registry-mirror=


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systemctl status kubelet


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[root@VM-16-11-centos ~]# systemctl status kubelet
Unit kubelet.service could not be found.

我刚换了一个阿里的源,镜像也拉取成功了, 后面还是不行

[kubeconfig] Writing "controller-manager.conf" kubeconfig file
[kubeconfig] Writing "scheduler.conf" kubeconfig file
[kubelet-start] Writing kubelet environment file with flags to file "/var/lib/kubelet/kubeadm-flags.env"
[kubelet-start] Writing kubelet configuration to file "/var/lib/kubelet/config.yaml"
[kubelet-start] Starting the kubelet
[control-plane] Using manifest folder "/etc/kubernetes/manifests"
[control-plane] Creating static Pod manifest for "kube-apiserver"
[control-plane] Creating static Pod manifest for "kube-controller-manager"
[control-plane] Creating static Pod manifest for "kube-scheduler"
[etcd] Creating static Pod manifest for local etcd in "/etc/kubernetes/manifests"
[wait-control-plane] Waiting for the kubelet to boot up the control plane as static Pods from directory "/etc/kubernetes/manifests". This can take up to 4m0s
[kubelet-check] Initial timeout of 40s passed.

Unfortunately, an error has occurred:
        timed out waiting for the condition

This error is likely caused by:
        - The kubelet is not running
        - The kubelet is unhealthy due to a misconfiguration of the node in some way (required cgroups disabled)

If you are on a systemd-powered system, you can try to troubleshoot the error with the following commands:
        - 'systemctl status kubelet'
        - 'journalctl -xeu kubelet'

Additionally, a control plane component may have crashed or exited when started by the container runtime.
To troubleshoot, list all containers using your preferred container runtimes CLI.
Here is one example how you may list all running Kubernetes containers by using crictl:
        - 'crictl --runtime-endpoint unix:///var/run/cri-dockerd.sock ps -a | grep kube | grep -v pause'
        Once you have found the failing container, you can inspect its logs with:
        - 'crictl --runtime-endpoint unix:///var/run/cri-dockerd.sock logs CONTAINERID'

W0719 09:27:36.346179    2674 initconfiguration.go:120] Usage of CRI endpoints without URL scheme is deprecated and can cause kubelet errors in the future. Automatically prepending scheme "unix" to the "criSocket" with value "/var/run/cri-dockerd.sock". Please update your configuration!
        [WARNING FileContent--proc-sys-net-bridge-bridge-nf-call-iptables]: /proc/sys/net/bridge/bridge-nf-call-iptables does not exist
        [WARNING SystemVerification]: failed to parse kernel config: unable to load kernel module: "configs", output: "modprobe: FATAL: Module configs not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.0-1160.62.1.el7.x86_64\n", err: exit status 1
        [WARNING Service-Kubelet]: kubelet service is not enabled, please run 'systemctl enable kubelet.service'
error execution phase wait-control-plane: couldn't initialize a Kubernetes cluster
To see the stack trace of this error execute with --v=5 or higher

💡  Suggestion: Check output of 'journalctl -xeu kubelet', try passing --extra-config=kubelet.cgroup-driver=systemd to minikube start
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minikube start --driver=docker


minikube config set driver docker


minikube start --extra-config=kubelet.cgroup-driver=systemd
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